Cheval Young Writers Award - 2019




Nathan Munday
I am originally from Carmarthenshire but have been living in Cardiff for the last eight years. Having completed my doctorate, my wife and I have just moved to North Wales where we’ll be looking after William Morgan’s house (the translator of the Welsh language bible) for the National Trust. ‘At Last’ was written whilst I worked for Rhondda council for six months. I enjoy mountaineering, music and literature. His winning entry is a poem entitled ‘At Last’.

Eleanor Howe

I hail from Derbyshire originally and after ten happy years living in and around Aberystwyth I am

now in north Wales living on a beautiful old barge. I made my first foray into writing poetry last year

and whilst my non-fiction and critical work has been published online, the Cheval anthology will be

the first outing for my creative work. I write about nature and landscapes and the human

relationships to them. I derive much inspiration from the wilder corners of Wales, where I love to be most of all and where I spend lots of my time walking, reading, writing and swimming.
Her winning entry is a poem entitled ‘The Fox’.



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Cynan Llwyd
I live in Grangetown, Cardiff. I’ve been a keen reader since my childhood in Aberystwyth and have started to write in recent years. I’m married to Rachel, who is a serial reader, and the most encouraging and honest editor there is! I work for Christian Aid as a Regional Coordinator which enables me to travel and meet inspirational people from Wales and from all over the world, to share stories of how people are thriving in difficult circumstances and encourage people to give and act in the fight to end poverty. His winning entry is a story entitled ‘The Humiliation of Basboosa’.

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